Xuxuh! American Youth Player Features for Manchester City and Receives MVP


Barely 12, John Kenneth Hilton, nicknamed Xuxuh (pronounced shu-shu) is a Chivas USA player who this past week lit up Europe! … Again. This time guest playing for Manchester City. But before we get to that, we’ve got two videos for you: Trying to capture the “wow” factor. Gives a sense of the multi-dimensional (complete) […]

A Phenomenal Soccer Education in 12 Minutes [Video]

We’ve been talking on this blog. Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk. Anyone can talk. And anyone does. Just look at all the garbage online, and the monkeys on TV (I guess you’d have to be able to identify it as such). Well, it’s time to do some show. First some things to keep in mind: […]

U-23 Camp Impressions

Pre-session chat. January 10, 2012

I attended 4 of the sessions and both games versus Klinsmann’s senior team. Caleb Porter First and foremost, if our praise for Caleb Porter hasn’t been evident, let me repeat, Caleb Porter is legit. Previously, we’ve been judging him solely from watching his Akron team (on TV and in person). Meaning we’ve never seen him […]

Camp For Young Professionals, College Players, and …

3four3 camp pic (12/28/11)

There is nothing high-level available for this group of players during their off-seasons. That hurts, and it must be fixed! During the holidays we held a 4 day camp for them. It was a pilot program really, as we have never done such a thing, but I was pleased with the turnout. Here’s the list […]

Hermann Trophy 2011

Hermann Trophy

For those not aware, the Hermann Trophy is soccer’s equivalent to the Heismann. So I’m scanning the blogs out there, and I came across the following comments on this post concerning the 15 semifinalists for the award. Mark said: 12 forwards and 2 mids in that list. Seems like the trophy is skewed towards goal […]