Soccer Education is the Key to Soccer Development

Who are we?

Two brothers, born and raised in the US, who grew up with a soccer culture – our parents are Argentine. We have played this game since being able to walk, watched a ridiculous amount of matches, and analyzed the crap out of the sport. We continue to do so and currently coach club in Southern California.

Our Product

What are the missing ingredients that prevent the US from succeeding internationally?

From technique and tactics, to coaching and business …
You can learn a lot about that here, and the ambitious can be taken further with the coaching membership.

But underpinning all of it is this:
Soccer, the sport, in the United States is not the problem.
Our soccer governance is.

And we’ll be talking a lot about that too.

3four3 is all about giving you a deep look into our sport so that you can get better as a:

  • Player
  • Coach
  • Parent
  • Fan / Supporter
  • … or whatever role you play in the soccer community


  • This is NOT a news site.
  • This is NOT “journalism”.
  • This is NOT a site from some supporters of the sport who don’t know squat.

These are the views from people on the inside who many times will throw political correctness out the window. You want a “behind the scenes” education? Hopefully you can stomach it.

Brian Kleiban (Head Coach)



Dedicated to real player development and winning. One does not have to compromise the other.

The target is to develop quality players for the professional game. And the models used are that of the best players and teams in the world. There is no intention of forming the next Omar Gonzalez or Connor Casey: that is failure!

But what about college? From a pure soccer perspective, we view that as the consolation prize.


Gary Kleiban (Main Author & Assistant Coach)



Although my brother’s reputation for player development and winning precedes him, coaching a couple teams a season there’s only so many players and people that can be helped directly.

I want to grow that number by spreading the formula for success.

What we say is very forward and many times controversial.

Few will love us, most will hate us. But my promise to you is brutal honesty. I want to help players, coaches, parents, and fans to lift their understanding with some richness and subtlety.

Soccer is a simple game, but within that simplicity lies complexity.