American Soccer can Be the Global Superpower if …

US Soccer number of Registered Players

Well, the discussion has been raging for 100 years. And yes, American soccer has a century’s worth of rich history. But unfortunately most of the mainstream discussions have been superficial. Deep dives are few and rarely, if ever, come from mainstream media outlets. That’s simply not their mission. But it is ours. We want to […]

Our Match vs FC Barcelona – U13/14 – MIC Cup 2015

FC Barcelona vs Chivas USA infantil MIC 2015

In pursuit of world class, one better have some grip on what that actually means. And that, I think, requires going beyond your domestic soccer bubble, especially if the standard for world class does not reside there. Winning an American league or tournament, no matter which you want to cite, does not give you a […]

[Video] Chivas USA vs San Jose Earthquakes U13/14

U14 Chivas USA academy - 3four3

The US Soccer Development Academy held a showcase for its Western region academies at the Stubhub center a couple weekends ago. Here’s a full length match between two MLS teams. I think it’s important to make more matches like these available. That way the country can start better gauging what the team & player standard […]

6 Points that Improve Top Level Talent Assessment through Video

Player Qualities

The Bottom Line Capture the ‘WOW factor’ with a short video (the shorter the better) to peak interest In-person talent assessment is hard enough, so your video(s) need to kick ass! Video must be good quality, or your audience will leave after 5 seconds In a long-form video, try to capture all 4 player properties […]

[Video] Setting The Standard for U13 Possession Soccer in America

U13 Chivas USA

We’ve shown you what the current standard for U11s looks like. And we’ve demonstrated how this translated to the global stage with competitions against the best academies in the world. We’ve also shown you what it looks like at U12. Now we present what it can look like at U13. Enjoy and study the crap […]

Player Development Answered in 4 Minutes [video]


The following video is split in half. One half is conducive to high-level development, the other isn’t. One half is 1 in a 1000 in our country, the other is the norm. If you find yourself nitpicking and making arguments otherwise, it’s highly likely you are THE problem. The eternal question of course, is how […]