6 Points that Improve Top Level Talent Assessment through Video

Player Qualities

The Bottom Line Capture the ‘WOW factor’ with a short video (the shorter the better) to peak interest In-person talent assessment is hard enough, so your video(s) need to kick ass! Video must be good quality, or your audience will leave after 5 seconds In a long-form video, try to capture all 4 player properties […]

[Video] Setting The Standard for U13 Possession Soccer in America

U13 Chivas USA

We’ve shown you what the current standard for U11s looks like. And we’ve demonstrated how this translated to the global stage with competitions against the best academies in the world. We’ve also shown you what it looks like at U12. Now we present what it can look like at U13. Enjoy and study the crap […]

A Primer on MLS Structure Every Aspiring Change Agent Should Bookmark

supreme court

We have requested a plethora of information, including financials, that PRO and MLS have refused to provide, instead demanding we take their pleas of poverty at face value. – Lukas Middlebrook, Attorney for Professional Soccer Referees Association (PSRA) It’s a fascinating state of affairs when a snarky Deadpsin article is treated as a threat to […]

The 1 Soccer Policy that Cripples the National Team all the way to 9 Year Olds


US Soccer not creating a true soccer pyramid with promotion & relegation. That’s it! You want youth development on par with the rest of the world? You want our top flight pro teams at the level with the best in the world? You want the National Team to consistently be a legit World Cup contender? […]

Who Else Wants to Win?


Yeah, that’s what I thought. Winning fucking matters! And don’t you ever forget it. The only question (AND IT’S A CRITICAL ONE) really revolves around context. Under what circumstances has winning occurred? What were the pros/cons considering short, medium, and long term objectives? But, whatever your answers … on the whole, winning matters. Chronic losers […]

Soccer Development or Player Development? Start Getting it Straight

baby turtles

Time to recalibrate! We’re not interested in player development here, we’re interested in soccer development. While related, they are not the same. 1) Player Development This is not the end all, be all, of this country’s issues. As conventionally discussed, and comparatively speaking, it’s irrelevant. It’s just a tiny speck of what’s going on. If […]

The “Possession Movement” Has Finally Hit American Shores: How Prepared Are You?


There is a movement towards possession-based soccer in our country – and it’s about time. The possession-based game, in one manifestation or another, has dominated global football for decades. But unfortunately it has taken an extreme interpretation and execution of possession, in Barcelona/Spain, to awaken us in the United States. As a result, the word […]

They Laughed When I Said It Could Be Done; But When I Started to Coach!

Coaching possession soccer

That’s pretty much it, right? All too often it seems that if you want to do something that breaks the mold, people react strangely. It’s like you’re an extraterrestrial or something. Two kids want to build a search engine better than multi-billion dollar incumbents? Larry and Sergey create Google. Twitter? Who the fuck is going […]

How to Execute: Who on Earth are You Learning From?

Coaching Soccer Venn Diagram

The figure breaks coaching down into 3 fundamental elements – all of which contain huge challenges. For instance, we’ve got over 4 years of philosophy-based content here, and we’ve barely scratched the surface. But now I think there’s enough of a base to start efforts in the other two elements – Activities & Execution. The […]