“White Boys” Can’t Play Soccer?


Hi guys, I opened up quite a bit in an interview, but that’s where John Pranjic – host of the 3four3 podcast – led me at times. I’ll be happy to engage with any of your thoughtful follow up comments, questions, ideas. Listen to the episode here. Last thing, if you appreciate the work John […]

The American Soccer Culture Problem


First, I want to applaud both Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock for bringing an important truth about the state of American soccer to the masses. It speaks volumes that these sports generalists call it like it is, while entrenched American soccer media doesn’t. American soccer media, hence its consumers, coddles our players. You don’t hear much […]

The Most Undermining Phrase in American Soccer

“It’s just a game”. No, it’s not. It’s an economic market like any other. There are businesses in play, livelihoods at stake, communities to consider, and consumers that should be looked after. This is an ecosystem with real people, with real consequences, who depend on responsible governance. Clubs (independent businesses) get affected. People working with […]

Should Coaches be Siloed in Specific Age Groups? Part 2

US Soccer Club Coaches

Part 1 touched on why it makes more sense elsewhere in the world. Here in Part 2, we look at some incentives and consequences for instituting coach siloing in the American environment. An Organizational Perspective Looking at a club perspective there’s this sense that efficiencies are introduced, that it’s just simpler to have a conventional […]

Not Allowed in American Soccer – Leicester City FC

Leicester City FC promotion relegation

I think we can agree that fulfillment of potential is something we all yearn for. But what if the path to fulfillment is taken away from you? What then? Well, compared to the rest of the world, American soccer is set up precisely to do this. Limit, or even take away, one’s potential. Whether you […]