A Huge Flaw in Logic that’s Keeping You From the Truth

Soccer Normal Distribution

Player development is a topic that applies to all age groups and levels of play. But, let’s keep our eye on the big picture. When the term player development is used, what is the general context it is usually being used in? What is it that’s being visualized? I think you know. We are thinking […]

Eric Wynalda’s Cal FC crushes professional side Wilmington Hammerheads

Cal FC versus Wilmington Hammerheads

Pretty much everyone in this country would agree the system is broken. And pretty much everyone is WRONG! Wrong about precisely what it is that’s broken. You see, everyone just parrots the reasons the status quo protectors sell them. But the real problem is the status quo protectors themselves. We’re broken because of the people. […]

“Culture” Problem? What Culture Problem?

white boy soccer

In the US, people point to “culture” as our fundamental impediment to excellence. And the arguments come in many flavors. But what they say essentially boils down to one theme: Numbers We don’t have the numbers, they say. Numbers in terms of audience Numbers in terms of consumers Numbers in terms of money Numbers in terms of […]