Breaking Bad Habits


Most of us have seen that TV show or movie where the cowboy jumps on a horse’s back with the aim of domestication. The wild animal violently resists being ridden and will buck, jump, twist, whatever it takes to knock the cowboy on his ass! After all, the horse is wild and doesn’t want to […]

MLS Draft Prospects


I’ve been holding this in for a while now – ever since coverage and speculation over this year’s MLS Draft started. With the Draft this Thursday, I just have to say my piece. I’m disgusted by what most “reporters/analysts” are writing. And these are considered good sources of soccer information in America. These guys have […]

Danny Mwanga – Our Story

Danny Mwanga

It all started in 2007 at the Nomads Tournament in San Diego. Our silver elite U-16 club team was slated to open group play against the Oregon State Champions, WSM Internationals. It was a beautiful day – perfect for soccer. 1st Encounter Little did we know a nightmare was around the corner. My brother and […]

Who Is This Soccer Player?


Look at the image closely … That’s right, you have no idea! Well, I’ll tell you. He is the guy who has the same dream you do! He is the player that wants to get that professional contract instead of you! He might be the player who will get that starting spot, instead of you! […]

Report: U-18 National Team Camp

U-18 camp 010110

I was at the Home Depot Center Friday night were the participants of the U-18 camp played against a couple of PDL teams comprised of college players. I arrived 20 minutes from the end of the first game where they lost to Ventura County Fusion.  I was told 4-1. All I can say from watching […]