“White Boys” Can’t Play Soccer?

gary-kleibanHi guys,

I opened up quite a bit in an interview, but that’s where John Pranjic – host of the 3four3 podcast – led me at times.

I’ll be happy to engage with any of your thoughtful follow up comments, questions, ideas.

Listen to the episode here.

Last thing, if you appreciate the work John is doing by interviewing great people like Bob Bradley, Hugo Perez, among many others, please subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or Stitcher and leave him a 5 star rating and a stellar review. You guys are awesome!

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  1. Pat Keith says

    Just finished listening…great stuff. Well done, John and Gary! Really appreciate what you guys are doing to raise the level of the game here in the US. Keep getting after it.

  2. Will says

    Thanks for the declassified conference photo. I can see the biggest piece of the pie labeled psychological and the next biggest tactical. I am wondering what the two smallest pieces of the pie are labeled? I appreciate the quality of your free course. Thank you for your passion.

  3. Tyler Dennis says

    If I had only known…. Frog Jumps = Gold Standard!

    I understand your “culture” comment. I had the opportunity to go to Mexico and coach for 4 years. Came back to the US and am coaching in the suburbs – big culture shock. What soccer means to an individual that plays over there is so personal, it is their identity. You see it over here in the latino teams… a bite, a grit that comes through in their play – and then an appreciation for those special moments that results in huge grins – like a seriousness and determination to create beautiful art.

    Keep up the good work John and Gary… and thanks!

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