The American Soccer Community Hates Spain

Spain versus Portugal

Maybe not the individuals … or maybe so (think of all the shit that’s said about Busquets). But moreso, it’s what they represent. They have been exposing all of American soccer shortcomings and fallacies in a way that’s unprecedented. ¬†What they’ve been doing has gone against what the American rhetoric has been for decades. They […]

The Amazing Irony of the ‘Culture Problem’

soccer pundits

There’s lots of American soccer: media outlets coaches fans / supporters organizations … In general, there’s a huge American soccer community. And all its constituents cite that the game in this country suffers from a culture problem. The irony is not only are they participants in the culture problem, but they actually work hard to […]

What Are You Talking About?

meter stick

Lack of definitions is a huge problem! In the context of soccer, when one says: “Culture” “Creativity” “Possession” “Attacking Style” “Development” “World Class” “Great Coach” “Great Player” etc .. Those things can all mean wildly different things, unless you have a proper reference. And that reference must be based on the best – the gold […]

You Know What They Say About Arguing With Idiots …

soccer idiots

… they drag you down to their level, and then beat you with experience. But still, it’s an exercise in willpower to stay away. It’s hard to let ignorance, be ignorance. Sometimes you say to yourself: maybe if I just spoke their language they might understand something You start rationalizing: If I don’t say anything, […]

Barcelona-USA U11s Fall to Weston FC in Danone Nations Cup Final

Danone Nations Cup Final Barcelona-USA versus Weston FC

Orlando, FL – Following the overtime, pk’s, post game celebrations, and the long journey out of the complex we reached our hotel at 10:30 am. The boys had one hour to rest. Instructions were crystal clear. Rest your bodies with legs elevated, hydrate with plenty of gatorade, and eat fruit and power bars to refuel […]