Brian Kleiban will be Joining the LA Galaxy

Brian Kleiban and Mike Munoz - LA Galaxy

Mike Muñoz and Brian Kleiban joining forces

And with that, the process with the best prospects in the academy will continue.

With the dissolution of Chivas USA last year, MLS decided to sustain its academy until the end of this season. At which point, it too would cease to exist.

Of course all of these players would have found homes in other clubs. But if that happened, you can kiss their potential goodbye.

The process, the consistent methodology, the culture, the right group of peers, the proper mentorship (i.e. coaching), all of it, is essential.

Now that gets to not only continue, but get better, much better, at the Galaxy.

The Galaxy already has a tremendous player pool to merge with. Take the youngers for instance, they are consistently on the leader board with number of players represented on the National Team.

And together with our group, well, you can derive the implications.

But this isn’t about the National Team, this is about working with a serious organization whose ambitions are global. Who doesn’t just talk, but acts.

After the Galaxy shared their vision for the academy, and how they are currently working on executing that vision, being part of that was a no brainer. From proof of stripping down their staff to make sure they only get the right people on board, to the projects they are actively executing on, it demonstrated a level of legitimacy not seen elsewhere.

It’s clear that international standards can be reached with the academy leadership that’s in place, and the projects that are underway.

The country has been put on notice. This joining of forces, in the nation’s most talent-rich region, is mammoth.

Now it’s time to get to work.

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  1. PH says

    It’s clear that international standards can be reached with the academy leadership that’s in place, and the projects that are underway.

    This has got to be the biggest teaser…

    I wonder how this move will impact the truly remarkable amount of transparency that surrounds 3four3. I am thrilled that Brian has been rewarded for his performance, and I am hopeful that the system will not stunt the development of an exceptional coaching talent like it has so many talented players.

    • Joel says

      This is a terrific point. I hope the best for Brian and Gary and 3four3 and everything this website and conversation stands for- which is education and witness to the highest standards of play and removing the veil that is US Soccer.
      I imagine the objectivity and subjectivity will become more challenging – it is one thing to push against the glass ceiling which you are now a lovely sky light in.
      It seems a logical trajectory and I trust the navigation coordinates are well thought about and well set. Good luck Brothers Kleiben.

    • says

      I’m not employed by the LAG.

      So I think it’s likely I will continue to expose the mere 5% of the ‘behind the scenes’ – the reality – of American soccer I always have been.

      5% is about all most people can stomach at the moment. :)

  2. socceruncle says

    Good move for galaxy. This will solidify them as the place to be for top talent as kids want to play for Brian. Go get ‘em!

  3. RJ says

    Congrats – I agree with the others and their commentary – hopefully no impact to the great stuff we have here on 3four3, but great move. Good luck and go get ‘em!

  4. Terry Ransbury says

    Well deserved, Brian. It is just the latest sign of your rising career. Smart move on the Galaxy’s part. I would not doubt there are some nervous coaches there.

    However, mixed emotions… 3Four3 is the freshest air in soccerdom and it would be tragic if you were forced to tone down at all much less abandon.

    Selfish side question (sorry) but does this affect your summer camp plans? I was so hoping to attend, I mean hoping to send my son there:-) No offense to Galaxy but I have little motivation to come all the way from North Carolina to attend an MLS cattle herding. Experiencing the 3Four3 way in person? I’m in.

  5. Tom F says


    Congrats to Brian. Without knowing any inside info, this appears good for the kids and for his career. Despite obvious issues with MLS, (i.e. MLS Cup final), if he can prove himself within academy first division pro team, even MLS, that will be massive for his career.

    I hope the skeptics that comment here realize this: He’ll be changing the culture from the inside of a big MLS club — that’s the best place to do it. And his chance of success is higher because he’s in same city, with many of same players — that is so powerful. I get it. This really is mammoth.

    Thanks for the update Gary.

    Tom F
    San Diego CA

    • Joel says

      Seeing this more as Brian’s methodology being the antidote or vaccine to stabilize the immune system and strengthen the organism from the inside out is best advice.

    • PH says


      I was just posing a question, and in my opinion and experience it is a legitimate one. The necessary sharp edges of greatness have been dulled by the grinding of bureaucratic systems more often than a tremendous talent and personality have shattered such a system. I don’t doubt that Brian and Gary have an end game in mind; they have demonstrated that they are much too savvy and forward thinking not to. So clearly they wouldn’t be going this direction if they didn’t see how it fits into “the plan.” However, I think one can wonder out loud (if the Kleibans appreciate anything surely it is thinking out loud) what impact joining MLS might have on the independent nature of their work.

  6. Michael says

    This is huge. LAFC have really dropped the ball in Los Angeles! The talent pool for Los Angeles will now be exclusively LA Galaxy for at least a year. I am not sure that LAFC will be able to overcome that head start. The strength of the talent pool for the Galaxy should be pretty incredible going forward.

    • Ali says

      Yes, you are right Michael, but LAFC is still too far behind to get anything going right now. They still are adding partners, looking for a place to build a stadium, etc.

      This would’ve been a step in the right direction but not a logical move for them. The way the soccer scene is here, the Talent pool in Southern California is loaded, they’ll quickly make up the teams, even find the coaches they could use. Who knows Brian might just end up at LAFC if things don’t work out and that my friend would not surprise me one bit.

  7. Ali says

    Congratulations Brian. I kept thinking why are the LA Galaxy not making a move to pick you and your kids up since we all knew that the Chivas would no longer be a part of the MLS.

    Regardless, this is a great move for LA Galaxy, you and your team. Good Luck to you and the 3four3 team and keep it up.

  8. says

    Great! But to be honest I somehow hoped you already go to pro team – may be I am a bit naive but to me your product, style of coaching and behavior on the bench are of different level to many pro teams coaches (for sure in MLS, but even outside of it too). Hopefully Galaxy will be another step in growing your name and connections for the transition to the pro world (do not even know if you really want it).

  9. Robert Kleemaier says

    Provided this move does not compromise the Kleiban’s vision & methodology, it appears as if this has the potential to be a massive step forward for Brian, the program & LAFC. Will be keen to se the impact it has on every aspect going forward.all the best.

  10. Chad says

    Congrats Brian on your appointment! My question is will you have to adapt your philosophy to suit the Galaxy’s or are they allowing you to remain true to your methods? Or are their methods in line with yours enough so that doesn’t play into it?

  11. Dino Zoff says

    Well done Brian! Folks .. Gary is not Brian, and Brian is NOT Gary. Brothers sure. Brian will do his thing… Gary his. It is a lot easier to be a change agent from the inside. And Gary cannot be bought… Impossible to hold his tongue… But smart enough to choose his words carefully. Maybe a few less “f” words is all.


  12. Eli S says

    Gary, Buena Onda!!!! congrats to Brian! He has earned it with his work. I’ve always hated LA Galaxy but I am pleased to see they have made an excellent choice with Brian. I also hope this move won’t change anything you guys are doing here at 3four3. As someone said earlier, transparency has been truly remarkable here at 3four3 and hope it stays the same.


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