FC Barcelona Trip: Day 4 Notes


Wednesday, March 28 Day 4 began with Barca Atletic (Barca B) training at 10:45am at Cuitat Esportiva. They started with the typical rondos (circle keepaway) and dynamic stretches. Second activity was tactical training preparing for this weekend’s opponent who will likely press them off their goalkicks, marking all 4 of there options closely so they […]

FC Barcelona Trip: Day 1 Notes

Brian Kleiban Ciutat Esportiva

Sunday, March 25th Arrived in Barcelona around 8am local time after a long exhausting trip. 9:30am – 10:30am Went straight to Barcelona Academy at Ciutat Esportiva to tour the facility and watch games. 10:30am Watched a u9 game. Barca won 9-0 11:30am Watched Benny’s 2000 team play 11 a side for the first time this […]

Full Access to the Greatest Club in the World! Yes, we’re in Barcelona, Spain!

Once a year for my coaching staff and I at the Barcelona-USA Academy, it’s all about “THE TRIP!”   The last four years I have been traveling to Barcelona to further my coaching education – all possible through our network of contacts and through Barcelona-USA. Full access to Barca’s youth Academy training sessions, Barca B (professional […]

A Phenomenal Soccer Education in 12 Minutes [Video]

We’ve been talking on this blog. Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk. Anyone can talk. And anyone does. Just look at all the garbage online, and the monkeys on TV (I guess you’d have to be able to identify it as such). Well, it’s time to do some show. First some things to keep in mind: […]

Caleb Porter Took A Dump All Over US Soccer


Here’s the number one lesson to take away from the U23 performance against Mexico: People have a lot to learn about this sport. I mean A LOT! Stop making excuses for not being able to play dominant possession-centered soccer. You can’t play that way because this is college soccer. You can’t play that way because […]