Fair Warning to Our Readers

Soccer Class

I want to take this opportunity to inform our newest readers that not only can this site be blunt at times, but there may be sparse usage of profanity as well. I’m certain some people find this outrageous – or just off-putting – and that’s ok. This is simply my way of saying this blog […]

Player Development: Accountable for What? And to Who?


I don’t know if real accountability for player development is possible. What are the metrics? Is it how many players you place in college? Is it the number that get called to youth national teams? Is it the number of professionals you’ve touched while they were amateur? Certainly these things are important. But we need […]

On Replacing Bob Bradley, Rongen, and the Whole Entourage


What are the expectations? That is key. I think people are getting it confused. Hiring a manager who actually has a clue will not get us the World Cup final, and perhaps not the quarters this cycle either. That is not the discussion we should be having. That is not the appropriate metric to use. […]