5 Positive Influences for US Soccer in 2010

2010: The year the soccer gods showed you the way.

This year has made me a bit more optimistic for the future of the US game. When compared to my sentiments in years past, this one has been by far the best. No our national teams have not shown any progress, MLS and college remain barely watchable, and our youth development is still piss poor. […]

Winning vs Soccer Development? Part II

It's all about the computer!

This winning vs development argument always seems to revolve around technique.  I discussed a bit in part I of this series how a coach can only go so far in technical development. But people talk over and over again about how our professional player’s lack of technique is the biggest problem. Again, we’re missing over […]

Winning vs Development: Really? That’s the problem?

danny mwanga winning

I’ve said it before and will say it again: We have only just begun the discussion on what’s wrong with soccer in the States. This discussion always surfaces, and rightly so, when we flounder on the international stage. Perhaps most recently when the US women lost to a lowly Mexico side, and subsequently limped in […]