Recruiting is The Right Thing to Do

Ari Gold

The perception and values associated with the practice of recruiting depends on who’s doing the perceiving and the act itself – be it an organization, coach, player, parent, or whoever. This post will take the position of what every interested party supposedly wants. Development and a meritocracy. Right? Recruiting If the goal is to develop […]

5 Simple Words Stagnating Your Soccer Development

I'm serious. You must go nuclear with this.

If you want to get closer to excellence you must eliminate the following from your vocabulary: Pace Unlucky Target [forward] Obviously [I, You, They, He, She, We] Deserve it These are the words of the status quo. They make you focus on the superficial, excuse you from responsibility, and brainwash you into the philosophy of […]

The 3 Main Cultures Influencing Soccer Development


They are one macro-culture and two micro-cultures. Big organizations The household The team Macro Culture This refers to the culture driven by large scale organizations. The most obvious are state governments. They dominate the rhetoric, implement policy, and execute the law. Neglecting the minority, these things combined funnel the worldviews and value systems of an entire […]

Attacking The Different, the Unique

You need to grow up … too grown up, and you’re no fun. You need to show some class … too much class, and you’re a snob. You’re filthy rich … too little money, and you’re a loser. You’re an academic dropout … too much academics, and you’ve got no real world experience. … ad […]

Staged Positional Training Commences

soccer venn diagram

June 16 marked the beginning of our position-focused training sessions. Of course most sessions we run have positional play development going on. But this is different with respect to focus, and magnitude. What I’m talking about here is segregating the players by time. It’s not uncommon for the pros to do this (ie defense shows […]

Lets Build Serious Clubs

membership card

Meaning, go well beyond being an organization that just houses soccer teams. Compliment that by offering a membership with real benefits. Here’s some things to consider: Voting rights Club hosted parties and activities A gym Field access Multiple sports Real city / neighborhood connection / outreach / integration Real business partnerships and integration Real school […]