3 Scenarios on Klinsmann and the National Team Player Pool

USMNT player pool

I have no verdict on Klinsmann yet, but I have splashed some thoughts in the comments area. In short, I’m not exactly thrilled and the reasons have nothing to do with score-lines. What seems to surface time and again, is the notion that the national team player pool “is what it is“. The implication being […]

Visualizing Youth Coaching Experience with 3four3 Analytics

Brian Kleiban Coaching Record

Our mission here is education. Education so you can make better soccer decisions and have more sophisticated, well-grounded opinions. I think it boils down to two main components: The soft skills. Specifically, a continual and unvarnished discussion of soccer philosophy that reflects the values of the greatest teams, players, and managers in the world. The […]

The Grand Conceit of American Soccer


This is a guest post by Ken Sweda, owner of PresicionSoccerSkills. You can also follow him on twitter @Zone_14. There is a belief in this country that US Soccer and its domestic league, Major League Soccer, have a goal to greatly improve the quality of the American player and the status of the sport in […]