US Soccer vs Paraguay: The Conclusions

The Starting 11

This was much much better from the US! There was some intent to build an attack instead of firing cannonballs up field. Now for some context and conclusions: 1) The obvious one. This was not Argentina. Nor was it against a Uruguay, Colombia, Mexico, or any team whose style is to keep the ball. This […]

If You Think It’s Boring …

then you still have a lot to learn. Yes, once again I’m referring to possession. Everyone has their preferences; which are usually formed from experiences, education, and culture. And that’s fine. For instance, some pieces of art may be great, but I might think: “wtf is this … next.” And it’s likely because I haven’t […]

Requirement For Mass Player Development


There can be no player development factory without monetary incentive. First let me be clear; without competent coaches, all the money in the world will not develop a quality player. So assuming there’s a capable coach, what makes you think he will do everything in his power to develop his pupils? And I assure you, that’s […]